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Globatex is an international market center and trade company dealing into various types of Textiles.

With strong technical and Sales background, worldwide sourcing and customer base, we act as an interface between buyers and sellers around the globe for products ranging from Filament yarns in Polyester/Nylon etc, all types of Spun yarns, Polyester and Viscose Fibers, Textile and Bottle Grade Chips, Apparel fabrics in various blends, home furnishings, gifts, decorative accessories, fashion accessories for various types of end uses and applications.

Globaltex helps buyers and sellers expand business and increase profits by understanding their business like our own business and providing them customized services.

Our aim is to bring together a variety of manufacturers, wholesale representatives, product developers and retail buyers in a large-scale, cost-effective setting for the productive exchange of goods and services

We have associates in Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea, China and Mexico who work as our partners in providing a global sourcing/selling portfolio for the customers.

We have supplier base from India, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia & Sri Lanka and our major markets are in, Mexico, Latin America, United States, Middle East, Indonesia and Russia,.

Our Prime concern is to provide our customers with excellent quality products, best services, competitive pricing. . We are dedicated to our customers as we work round the clock to provide them dedicated personalized services by regularly finding new associates, new products suitable to their business and expanding into new markets.

We here by encourage you to contact us for any queries and we will be more than glad to work with you and build a long lasting relationship.